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First, thank you for showing interest in my work. Photography means more to me than just taking pictures. My passion is capturing those moments to tell your story, your life. Whether it’s a wedding, engagement, birth or any occasion. I offer a unique, fresh and artistic approach to every special day. I create images that showcase who you really are and I consider it an honor to be trusted to capture your memories in time.   


Being a wedding photographer is  awesome and I love everything about it. I get to go to an incredible party most weekends, sometimes in exotic places, always surrounded by loving people, human connections and genuine authentic moments, always with the single aim of creating the best wedding photographs I’ve ever created. It’s often physically grueling, stressful and mentally demanding but I know that I am incredibly lucky to do this for a living.  

Couples who work with me see photography as one of the most important elements of their wedding day. They come to me because I tell stories, which are jam-packed with life, emotion and creativity. Using a photojournalistic approach to capture the story of the day, with images that are true and vibrant, real and gorgeous. 

Pricing is very important to me; I want to provide amazing coverage of your day without breaking the bank. I can generally work within any budget and pride myself on going above and beyond what my clients expect.  If some of what I’ve said above resonates with you and you like my work, I’d love to hear from you.  

Weddings start at $1495 Please feel free to contact me for a complete list of prices and availability.  


  Wow do I love kids, I’ve spent my whole life either being a kid or working with them. I am actually a K-3 Physical Education teacher and working with kids is a part of my life. I am a true family man with two beautiful and amazing daughters at home. They keep me on my toes and have shown me what true love really is. I absolutely love capturing kids! They have the most dynamic facial expressions and you can see tons of emotion in their faces.   

 Notice I said capturing kids, I did not say taking portraits of kids. Kids are meant to be on the move, sitting still is just not in their makeup. Playing a simple game of hide and seek can really bring a shy child out of their shell and allow me to get some great shots of them. When photographing kids it’s important to be patient sometimes you get a whole lot of nothing for a while, or they may be shy to start, or play coy. Even kids that know you, may decide they don’t want you to take their picture and say so.  

  I also make sure I’m ready for anything; you never know what will happen when working with kids! It’s also important to get down on their level lay on the ground, show them images on the camera make a game out of everything you can. I like to keep it fun and I’m usually a big goofball, just like I am with my PE classes.    Sessions Start at $295 Please feel free to contact me for a complete list of prices and availability.  


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